Future Proof (proposals), platvvorm, Deinze
10-10-2020 - 22-11-2020

I like to remove the lightswitch instead of painting around it, 2020

Kunstfort Kasus, 2019

Equivalent of Wealth, 2019

Brink Molyn series, 2018

Spreekgestoelte (Juweel Enamel series), 2017

Dependance, 2016

triple-shouldered through tenon
through tenon with diagonal “foxtail” wedge
tusk tenon reinforced with embedded perpendicular key
double-shouldered blind dovetail tenon with two-sided miter
double-shouldered stub tenon with additional sloped shoulder
angled housed half -dovetail cross-lap
oblique tabled corner lap
rabbeted corner with offset dowels
, 2015

Two Cabinets and a Sculpture, 2015

Everything you need to bring bathrooms to a shine, 2015

Niets is wat het lijkt, 2012