Everything you need to bring bathrooms to a shine, 2015
Exhibition at Deborah Bowmann, Brussels

Presentation of three small sculptures in the inaugural group-exhibition of Deborah Bowmann (Brussels) with works of Thea Djordjadze, Estrid Lutz & Emile Mold, Vincent Knopper, Amaury Daurel and Victor Delestre. Two of the works are simple, rectangular pieces, made from layered sheets of copper and steel, and of polypropyleen. The masklike wallpiece is a self-made wooden drilling-template, used in contemporary woodworking.

Everything you need to bring bathrooms to a shine focuses on the ascendancy of and our fascination with industrial production and how it affects our consciousness and our relation to the world in the domestic sphere, in both practical and symbolic ways. Since the dawning of the Industrial Revolution 200 years ago, modern man has been accustomed to seeing, desiring, buying and consuming products, which are a direct issue of machines.The characteristics of these cutting edge technologies are almost always identical and on a huge scale. The enormous change that this has brought about in terms of our relation to objects and images is still difficult to gauge.
- Deborah Bowmann