beech plywood, arcylic, powdercoated steel objects

I like to remove the lightswitch instead of painting around it, 2020

The exhibition title refers to one's preference when painting an apartment. Seven sculptures and installations are presented in a freshly renovated and painted domestic space. The lightswitches are removed and the floor of the apartment is covered in a clean plastic foil, which reminds of the paintjob that took place there.

In the works 'Hout verduurzaming vademecum 6', 'coin 1956' and 'PC M8 20' an orange-yellowish high gloss and matte lacquer has been applied by spraypainting. The used lacquer is preserved since 1994. In these works the gesture of painting is a method to appropriate and conserve elements into a sculptural language.

Vincent Knopper took the context of his side job project as a startingpoint for his artistic practice. He addresses the notion of the separation ánd interweaving of his artistic and non-artistic practices. The works presented, he developed in, mostly, the same time span as the paintingjob.

coin 1956
high polished copper coin, silicium carbide, kitchencabinet legs, matt lacquer, sanded high gloss laquer

Hout verduurzaming vademecum 6
book, matt lacquer

chipboard, HPL