Exhibition view

triple-shouldered through tenon
through tenon with diagonal “foxtail” wedge
tusk tenon reinforced with embedded perpendicular key
double-shouldered blind dovetail tenon with two-sided miter
double-shouldered stub tenon with additional sloped shoulder
angled housed half -dovetail cross-lap
oblique tabled corner lap
rabbeted corner with offset dowels
, 2015
Exhibition at Eight Cubic Meters, Amsterdam

An exhibition in a vitrine-context, located in a narrow alley in the city center of Amsterdam. Vincent Knopper was invited by Buro Rietveld to exhibit new, site-specific works in their 'Eight Cubic Meters'. The series consists out of a number of vitrine boxes, that are not only on display, they also are a display of woodjoinery. They display a form of thinking in materiality. The number of fragile and illogical connections in the series could indicate a process, or a way of selecting within this process.

Joinery: the representation of a mechanism that functions in an unambiguous way is the apparent absence in this exhibition.
- Marieke Coppens (Buro Rietveld)

birch plywood, beech dowels, acrylic

Chipboard, glass

chipboard, plastic tape, glass

birch plywood, American spruce, HPL, glass

MDF, chipboard, acrylic

melaply, betonplex, screws