Exhibition overview

Two Cabinets and a Sculpture, 2015
Exhibition at Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam

'Two Cabinets and a sculpture' is the outcome of Vincent Knopper’s cum laude master's degree graduation research on the exchange between sculpture and furnituredesign, with a main focus on the process of making. The installation is a series of autonomous cabinets and sculptures, that all derive from a fascination for industrial ornamentalism and standardized materials. For example, in one of the objects, the simple and functional wooden dowel becomes a sculptural element. Each work defines itself as furniture or artwork, while Knoppers’s practice is stated in the grey area where the making functions as a conductor of artistic research.

Knoppers graduation project is accompanied by a thesis called 'the man that saws'. Parts of the installation have been exhibited the exhibition 'Discursive Objects' at the van Abbenmuseum guesthouse, during Dutch Design Week.
A selection of the materials used in the project have been generously sponsored by Baars & Bloemhoff, Maiburg Waalwijk.

fire retardant MDF, chipboard